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Wordpress Malware Removal Service

Wordpress websites are constantly targeted by hackers and spammers. The  intrusion attempts are done by using loopholes in themes, Plugins and servers. If your wordpress website is compromised then our engineers will ensure your website is free from malwares. Ask us for a free analysis of your websites root directory and database. No Charge if we cant fix your website.

Wordpress Website Speed Optimization

Wordpress is a CMS. For a good visual and functional performance developers use tons of plugins. These plugins demand resources from server. If the server is not optimized then the site loads slowly that results in loss of traffic. Our team will optimize the Server, Themes, Plugins,CSS,Java to improve site speed. If needed the team will also deploy SSL and CDN.

Wordpress Website Migration to New Server

Moving your wordpress site can be challenging sometimes. Specially when the files and databases are big in size. The typical process of moving a wordpress site includes moving the data base and files to the new server host. After moving the files the dns pointing and other modifications on Database are also r needed. Our Team will help you to swiftly move your wordpress website to a new server.

Echeck Payment Gateway For Tech Support Business

Tech support merchants need reliable payment gateways. As a Merchant account provider based in india we help merchants get echeck payment gateway for tech support. We do not charge any setup fees or application charges. Tech Support merchants can start processing echecks in less than 7 working days. We also help merchants with the echeck payment gateway integration. You can process orders over web and phone(Via the Virtual Terminal). The Gateway verifies Account Number, Routing Number and Funds availability.


Reliable Credit Card Processing Solutions

Reliable Merchant Accounts for Credit and Debit Card Processing. We work with processing companies globally and help merchants find inexpensive payment gateways. With the merchant account businesses can accept all major Credit and Debit Cards. The gateway can be easily integrated by using the API details.

Echeck and ACH

Get and Echeck or ACH account for your business. There are no setup charges for the same. We set you up with a recognised payment service provider. Merchants can be located in almost any nation. Merchants from High Risk Industries can also use electronic checks. The dispute period is lot lesser with echeck transaction when compared with any card transaction. Some Card brands offer chargeback options to buyers for more than 180 days.

Offshore Payment Gateway

If the business is a part of any High Risk Industry or the Credit Score of promoters of business is Bad then you need an offshore payment gateway. Our team will assist you with an Offshore Payment gateway for international processing. There are no application charges.  The Rates of offshore payment gateway can be a bit higher than any domestic provider. Payouts are also not so fast but if you don't get a domestic option then this can be a better solution.

Merchant Account Providers In India

India is changing very fast in terms of cash less transactions. Merchants are actively seeking solutions to accept credit and debit cards  at lower TDR/MDR. We work as a bridge between Payment service provider and the merchant. Our presence ensures that the merchant knows what he is signing for.


Theecheck Payment Gateway Integration

Do you need assistance in getting theecheck payment gateway integrated on your website. Our team will assist you in less than 72 working hours. The payment page will appear like a form and all the transaction details will be forwarded to theecheck payment gateway api url. This solution works one websites that are hosted on linux servers. The website must be ssl protected.

Echeck Payment Gateway For Pharmacy

If you are running and online pharmacy then you must be aware that its almost impossible to get a credit card payment gateway. It is a good idea to use alternative options like echeck or check21 to process transaction of US based customers. You get access to API and also a Virtual Terminal to process sales from inbound call centers.

Credit Card Payment Gateway For Technical Support

Get a reliable option to process sales for your Remote support business. Remote support merchants can start processing within 10 working days . The business must be registered and should have a corporate bank account. It is mandatory to have a Tech Support website with SSL certificate. Rates starting at 10% and can go as high as 20% depending upon the profile of the Merchant.

High Risk Merchant Account India

We are a fast growing merchant account provider in india. We work closely with PSP companies in india and other parts of world like Europe, USA, China and Latin America. Except few prohibited business types we can find solutions for almost every industry. Merchant can be located in any nation except few locations that are under sanctions from USA or United nations. Merchant should not be located in internationally disputed territory or War zones.