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Company Registration


  • Proprietorship  with GST Registration and Shop Establishment  @ Rs 4000
  • Partnership with GST @ Rs 6000
  • LLP Registration with GST - 2 Partners @ Rs 10000 . Additional Partners @ Rs 2000
  • Private Limited Company  with GST Registration @ Rs 13000 . Additional Partners @ Rs 2000
  • Shop and Establishment Registration @ Rs 1000 (Only for single owner - Used for shops and commercial establishment)
  • MSME Registration @ Rs 2500 
  • GST Registration @ Rs 3500
  • NGO/Non Profit Registration @ 15,000
  • Income Tax Filling  - Maximum of Rs 2000  or .5% of Turnover whichever is greater
  • Corporate Tax Filing - Rs 2000 or 0.3% of total Turnover whichever is higher
  • Monthly Statutory Compliance - Case to Case Basis

  • Company Formation Agents in Gurgaon
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Company Formation Agents in Gurgaon

Are you looking forward to form a company in Gurgaon or any where in India then you have come to the best place. We will help you get your company registered in lowest possible cost and timeframe. The Solutions are provided by the best experts in the industry. Regular support is available for startups and experienced business owners. 

Cheapest company formation in gurgaon
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