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Cost to move Website from Wix to Wordpress

Cost to move Website from Wix to Wordpress

In the world of internet most of us plan to create a website for our businesses. Many times the first website is always created without the help of any website developer. To create the first website we use to readymade platforms like Wix. Wix is a fantastic website platform and most of the times people can create Wix websites without taking the help of any web developer. 

Wix to WordPress Site movement
Move Wix Site to Wordpress Easily

Why do people want to move Website from Wix to WordPress.

There may be multiple reasons for moving the website from Wix to WordPress. One of the most common cause is the integration capability. Wordpress offers somehow a better integration capability with many third party applications like CRM, Billing management systems, Accounting software, Chat software, Analytics software, and Payment Gateways.

There is one more reason why people want to move wix website to wordPress.

  • Expandability. People sometimes find it more comfortable using WordPress for extensive websites where there are thousands of products. Many times web developers are more comfortable in working on platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop, and Opencart.

  • Responsiveness. Sometimes people also try to move Website from wix to wordpress because of responsiveness. Some people claim that their website is not very responsive. They may prefer to move the wix website to wordpress to attain a better responsive view of the website on different devices including mobile phones.

What is the actual cost to move website from wix to WordPress.

It is a tricky question. In simple terms we can say that if a website is tiny, that means the number of pages is minimal then the cost will be limited. As the site becomes extensive and the products listed or the pages on the wix website is significant then the cost will be higher.

How to move a wix website to WordPress

To move your wix website to wordpress, you will need a WordPress hosted server. After creating the WordPress hosted server you will have to migrate the wix website data to the newly created WordPress Setup. It can be done in two ways.

 The first way is the manual method of moving Wix site to WordPress.

 In this method, developers copy the elements of the website that includes video, images, and text and then try to create a clone on WordPress. This process does not involve using any migration plugin.

Tool based migration the alternative way of moving large wix website to WordPress

Imagine if you have of an E-commerce website on wix with thousands of product. Creating individual pages manually for each product can be very time-consuming. Developers use customized tools to help this process and move data from wix website to WordPress.