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 Activation Fee (One Time) $19.95
 Monthly Fee $ 19.95
 Full Bank Verification Per Transaction .99 Cents
 Check Printing and Deposit Charges for USA Merchants $ 1
 Rolling Reserve Nill
 Account Type Prepaid
 Payout Type Instant In Cash Box
 Max Ticket Size $10,000
 Setup Time 15 Minutes

Dear Merchant,

Its a pleasure to work with you . I am suggesting a great echeck solution for your USA company . The Solution works on the Check 22 Fundamentals.


Services provided by a U.S. publicly owned company, listed on the U.S.OTC

    Flat Transaction Fee 7%

    No Rolling Reserve

    Max Ticket $ 10000 (We advice to request a voided check on all orders above $1000 . Although its not mandatory)

    Physically Printed Checks are Deposited to your Bank ATM by a Currier Service - PerCheck ATM Deposit fee is $ 1

    Money is mostly credited in the USA bank account the next day after deposit since it is a USA Check

    Full Bank Verification available which identifies check for errors and Insufficient funds.(Bank Verification Charges .99 Cents only per check)

    SMS Authorization and Email Authorization integrated in the gateway system.

    Top Notch banks accept this solution as well.

    Setup time 15 Minutes

    Low Setup Charge $ 19.95

    Low Monthly Fee $ 19.95

Click Here to apply now.

Once application is done we will be arranging a Training Session and will make sure that the Deposit service gets activated.

Per Transaction Rate for Echeck 8%

Per Item FULL BANK Verification Charges  .99 Cents

Per Check Bank deposite Charge $ 1

Activation Fee (One time): $19.95    

Monthly Fee: $19.95    

The Payment Processor has the ability to arrange payment settlement to merchants outside USA. This may attract a marginal increase in the rate of Transaction.

please feel free to contact us in case if there is any issue with the Registration

We are available on the below mentioned numbers

+91 9643614168 (India)  +1 6318321773 (USA) +44 05603845586 (UK) 
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