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Get a Hosted Predictive Dialer @ $6 Per Agent Per Month.

WMP Dialer

Great offer for Small and Mid Size Call Centers. 24/7 Support, High Class Servers, Excellent Call Quality, Call Reporting,Call recording,Call Barging,Wishpering,Call Logging.


Also available Payment Gateway, Toll Free Numbers, Voip, CRM and B2B Marketing/Residential/Commercial Databases, Hosting and Domains

Our Predictive Dialer systematically places calls from a database of phone numbers.  The dialing file can be built and queried to your specifications.  If you want to call just certain zip codes, people with the last name beginning with xxx, just certain prefixes, you just set up a query to pull that information into the dialing query.

The best part is, you can decide how your campaign is dialed.

Not only can you can you capture data from your prospects, but their responses as well.

A Predictive Dialer is a living, growing Database that is Mined in the present, and it is also ideal for future prospecting.  The most successful campaigns are created by targeting your prospects based on the results of your previous calling campaigns.

Whatever you can do manually, with a Predictive Dialer you can do it faster, be more efficient and leave little to no paper trail.


A Predictive Dialer works best with multiple agents and is used to increase productivity of the call center.  And that productivity can be measured in a number of different ways.Increase your agents talk time by 300%. Agents are able to speak to prospects 45 minutes of each hour and enter updates of pertinent information.

Our Predictive Dialers have built in, detailed reporting features. Being able to confirm your prospects information vs. writing it down and having someone else type it in, can pay for the dialer by itself.
Monitoring and Live Recording. Our predictive dialers have these features built in.  If you don't know if a particular dialer has the feature your looking for, ask us.  I can't say enough about this.