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Pc Tech Support Merchant Account

Pc Tech Support Merchant Account
Pc Tech Support Merchant Account

Remote PC Support is a global industry . It is vital because it helps a buyer to receive a proper computer and PC Support remotely at an affordable charges. The technician generally uses a remote pc tech support software to trouble shoot the computer or the pc.

Once the service is done the representative accepts the payments for the pc tech support through the merchant account. We offer 3 kinds of merchant account / payment processing options for remote pc support industry.

  1. Credit /Debit Card Merchant Account 
  2. High Risk Echeck Merchant account with Virtual terminal and api for Pc Tech Support
  3. Physical Check /ACH/ ICL USA
we do offer various payment processing options for technical support companies operating in countries like united states of america, Canada, UK, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Nigeria and Russia.

The Typical setup time for credit card payment gateway and integration for the merchant is 10 Days.

The setup time for high risk pc tech support echeck merchant account is 3 business days. 

The support services can be for Mac or Pc both. Some merchants offer one time support and few merchants offer yearly plans. One time payment and reoccurring billing are available with us.