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Professional Directors

Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formations has a large amount of experience working with international business structures. We have a good understanding of each jurisdictions company structure and legislation and we can even provide professional directors to manage the company on your behalf. 

A professional director is a third party, who is officially registered and acts as a Director of a company. This is a perfectly legal device and may be used for various reasons. In some jurisdictions, it is a legal requirement that at least one director of the company is a resident of that particular offshore jurisdiction, this is typically known as a Resident Director. 

In jurisdictions without publicly accessible records, there are privacy and confidentiality reasons for appointing Professional Directors. When conducting business, legal contracts, letters of understanding and other corporate documents will often require signatures and disclosure of the names of Directors and therefore again, only by using a Professional Director can complete anonymity be guaranteed. 

It is often important that the "management and control” of a company are demonstrated to be outside of a high tax jurisdiction, and this can be helped by using Professional Directors. 

The beneficial owner would retain complete control of the company through Power of Attorney that we supply. This ensures that the true owner of the company is empowered to run the business, manage the company's activities, and open and operate the company's bank accounts. The Professional Director will also sign an undated letter of resignation that can be submitted on their behalf at any time you wish.

If you choose to use this service we make ensure that your annual returns and statutory records are maintained and completed on time, ensuring you fulfil your obligations as required. We can also help you with the following services including, management of statutory records, issuing share certificates, preparation and filing of annual returns, filing license applications and fees and notarisation of corporate documents

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