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tech support business plan

tech support business plan

Business Plans for Merchant Accounts

Have your Payment Gateway/Merchant Account company asked you to present your Tech Support Business Plan. If Yes .. Then you are looking at the best place on the internet.

Tech Support Business Plan

The Remote Pc or IT Support industry is very huge and because of its size it also has huge number of fake and fraudulent organisations. It is critical for Payment processing companies and banks to have the overview of all the standard business processes being practiced by the applicant company.This info is shared in the Business Plan

Write your business plan on Microsoft word or any similar application. It is not mandatory for you to write 200 pages plan in case you are a startup merchant , even a 7-8 page plan will work with most of the credit card merchant account companies.Use concise to the point sentences. use bullets and numbering wherever required.

Tech Support Business Plan Overview

It should explore the below mentioned factors of your IT Assistance company.

  • Name and nature of your business including product and service info.
  • When the company was formed and major milestones achieved.
  • How does your company connect to the industry.
  • What makes your company different from the competition.
  • Unique selling points
  • Features and benefits
  • Short Term and Long Term Goal
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Funding Sources
  • Any other info you may find relevant.

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