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How to find the best seo company for tech support ?

we are one of the very few companies that offer both solutions to the tech support industry. You can rely on us for your merchant services and for generating organic traffic on your website.

We provide seo services to merchants offering Router tech support and Printer services. Our Team works with merchants for a better keyword research. We only create quality backlinks. 

Seo for Tech Support

Finding the right SEO company for your tech support business should not be a challenge. If you perform a search on the Internet then you will find many websites offering tech support SEO. These companies follow Google's algorithm to rank your website high on search engines. We also offer SEO Services to Tech support, Satellite TV and other high risk industries.

As a Merchant Services company we know the Tech Support Industries very well. We understand this Industry because we help businesses with  High Risk Merchant Accounts.

Call generation is the most critical challenge faced by this industry. Merchants spend a lot of money on advertising networks to generate calls. Most of these advertising networks are not reliable and a very expensive.

What are the main challenges faced by Tech Support Merchant ?

Tech support industry is huge and is growing at a very fast speed. Merchants generally face two challenges
  • Merchant account for Tech Support
  • SEO Calls for Tech Support
We can help you with both Feel free to reach us on our support numbers.

Search engine results start showing very fast for low competition keywords. We have seen keywords ranking in top 100 within 7 days. The biggest challenge is to compete with the top 10 links.
Our SEO experts are here to help you with your requirements. They are accessible over phone, Chat and Email. These experts will help you select right keywords to optimise your website.

These experts will handle the onpage and offpage Optimisation. They work on Meta tags, Title tags, canonicalization and various other elements.
Tech support seo is a long term process. If you're expecting something to happen overnight then you are not going to get it. You have to understand that it takes time to beat the websites that are ranking from long time. These competitor website have created credibility and it takes time to outperform them.

What is the easiest way to generate tech support calls?

The easiest way is to concentrate on low competition and High search volume key words. Organic Traffic is the next big thing. It is the best way to advertise your website to the Global audiences. Lot cheaper method then paid advertising. Optimizing your website for search engine starts from day 1. New content should be as per the Google algorithm.


How SEO Can help Tech Support Merchants in generating Calls ?

We only offer Organic SEO or Search Engine Optimisation for tech support. The first step is to identify the right set of keywords. We optimise the website as per the keyword set. We recommend you the high volume and low competition keywords. These kind of Keywords have low keyword difficulties and CPC.

How soon can i get calls if i start tech support seo?

In your google analytics and search console you will see an increase in traffic within 7 days. You can expect calls in 6 weeks. May take longer time if you choose high competition keywords.

Can i get customers by using chat application on my website?

The chat application will notify you every time a visitor visits your website. You will also be getting customer request on your tech support email. The Chat application will show the keyword and the source of the traffic. It will also show you the navigation path followed by the visitor.

How much do you charge for Tech Support Seo?

We do not charge a lot and want to make a long term relationship with you. Our prices for the services are quite reasonable. For a Low or Mid Competition keyword we charge Rs 2000 Per keyword per month. We work on at least of 5 Keywords but we recommend to start with at least of 15 Keywords.

What Process do you follow to optimise web pages?

We start optimising your website from the domain level and cover the entire site. The team adds and modifies the content to attract natural visitors on your website. Efficient engagement methods help in lowering down the bounce rate. We only use the white hat method to rank your website and do not use any wrong techniques. 100% Whitehat.

Backlinks come from high page authority and high domain authority websites. 

The organic approach is the most promising approach of performing SEO activities. It takes time to get the SERP rankings but once you have the rankings you have enough calls to grow your company. Customers call your company with genuine issues. It is easy for you to get them say yes for your support subscription. This helps you to save your time and lower down the AHT that is the average handling time. It also increases the conversion and reduces charge backs and refund. Google and Yahoo love websites that utilise genuine methods of traffic generation.

How online marketing helps in generating calls?

Online marketing is a great opportunity to make your brand visible. We spread your name over the social media and perform directory submission activities. Local citations on Google maps and other mapping portals generate local visitors. Many companies do offer Grey and black hat seo services. 

These techniques may help you to get quick ranks. They can also get your website penalised by the latest Google and Yahoo algorithms. A responsible business owner should only focus on implementing the best practices. You can get good traffic by working on low competition and high search volume keywords. 

These keywords can be simple as "how can I fix my computer" or "why my computer is slow". Customers will call the toll free number and you will get the opportunity to sell services. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process and it requires regular tuneup. You start the service only if you will continue it for long term.

Technical support SEO is no different from the SEO for any E-Commerce website. All the tricks and techniques are the same. It takes time to get the SERP rankings and it takes effort to beat the competitors. High quality link diversity coming from authority domain helps.
We perform these activities to get good results.

  • Guest posting,
  • PDF submission
  • Infographic submission
  • Video submission
  • Audio uploads
  • Blogging
Feel free to ask us if you have any questions. we are available on these numbers
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