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Payment Gateway Integration for Card and Echeck Gateways

Echeck/ICL/ACH/Check21/Alternative Payment Processing  

As the cost of Credit card processing seems to be very volatile there is a requirement of a credible alternative billing/Payment Processing Solution. One of the best solutions available at this point in time is accepting Echeck also known as electronic check /cheque or Check 21 also sometimes referred as ICL/ACH.

There are many alternate billing and payment processing solutions available

  • Accept Echeck Online
  • Accept ACH Payments
  • Accept Check21 Payments
  • Accept ICL Payments
  • Accept Check by Phone
Earlier these options were only available to USA,Canada and UK Merchants but now these options are available to almost any merchant across the world. It does not matter where you are located you can accept echeque online or over the phone.

We have many merchants who are located in countries like India, Nepal,Bangladesh, Srilanka, philipines, who are using our echeck / Ach check processing
Our Merchant Services team is skilled enough to place even mid and high risk merchants with cheaper echeck processing companies and payment gateway. The Echeck Solution is available for Pharma Merchants,Tech Support,PC Support,Remote Support,Travel,Casino,Gambling,and many more business types.

The fees are very inexpensive. Most of the Processing comanies offer Zero Setup or Free Setup of the account . The merchant gets access to online admin panel where all transactions can be tracked. The echecks are the safest options at this time as it helps in reducing returns and chargebacks.  NACHA Rules are implemented with this option so the total time frame to raise dispute within 180 days is reduced upto  45 - 60  days.

There are many echeck or ach processing companies. Many of these companies are based in Cleveland Ohio . The Phone number to get echeck solution  +91 9643614168, +91 9910578668 

To Accept echeck the merchant needs to collect basic informations like Account Holders name ,address,Account Number,Routing number etc.

The Payment is confirmed mostly instantly after a verification

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